Curriculum Vitae



  • Senior Lecturer in Finance, University of Exeter Business School, 2017-present.

  • Visiting Scholar, PBCSF, Tsinghua University, April-May, 2018.

  • Visiting Scholar, INSEAD, October-December, 2014.

  • Lecturer in Finance, University of Exeter Business School, 2013-2017.



  • PhD in Finance, London Business School, 2008-2013.

  • MRes in Finance, London Business School, 2008-2010.

  • MSc in Finance, Concordia University, 2007-2008.

  • BCom Honours in Finance and Minor in Economics, Concordia University, 2002-2006.

  • BA in Economics, University of Economics - Varna, 1995-1999.



  • Chaire Fintech AMF Research Grant, 2020.

  • ESSFM Study Center Gerzensee Participant, 2018.

  • ESSFM Study Center Gerzensee Participant, 2017.

  • University of Exeter FVM Cluster Grant, 2017.

  • University of Cincinnati AHSS Third Century Faculty Research Grant, 2016.

  • University of Exeter Public Policy Cluster Grant, 2016.

  • University of Cincinnati Lindner Research Expense Support, 2016.

  • ESSFM Study Center Gerzensee Participant, 2015.

  • British Academy Leverhulme Small Research Grant, 2015.

  • ESSFM Study Center Gerzensee Participant, 2014.

  • University of Exeter Outward Mobility Academic Fellowship 2014/15, 2014.

  • Coller Institute of Venture Research Grant, 2014.

  • University of Exeter International Recruitment Award, 2014.

  • Coller Institute of Private Equity Runner-up PhD Prize, 2013.

  • Sixth Annual Searle Center Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Stipend, 2013.

  • Midwest Finance Association  Travel Grant, 2013.

  • NBER Entrepreneurship Research Boot Camp Participant, 2012.

  • Coller Institute of Private Equity Research Grant, 2012.

  • London Business School PhD Programme Financial Award, 2008-2012.

  • Institut de Finance Mathematique de Montreal FM2 Doctoral Fellowship, 2008-2011.

  • ESRC Scholarship 2008-2013.



  • 2013-2021: Mergers, MBOs and Other Corporate Reorganizations, University of Exeter.

  • 2013-2021: Dissertation supervision for MSc FAFM Programme, University of Exeter.



          Corporate Finance, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Finance, Venture Capital, FinTech, Climate Finance.



  • 2020: MFA Annual Meeting (virtual) - co-author, EFA Annual Meeting (virtual) - discussant.

  • 2019: New South Wales, FMCG Conference (Sydney), World Finance & Banking Symposium (Santiago), EFA Annual Meeting (Lisbon) - co-author and discussant, NFA Annual Meeting (Vancouver) - discussant, Corporate Finance Day (Groningen), University of Indiana - co-author, University of Qatar.

  • 2018: Tsinghua University, MFA Annual Meeting (San Antonio) - co-author, Sixth Annual Searle Research Roundtable on SSO and Patents (Chicago), AsianFA Annual Meeting (Tokyo), Finance Forum (Santander), ESSFM Study Center (Gerzensee), EFA Annual Meeting (Warsaw) - discussant, CFC (Manchester),    University of Southampton.  

  • 2017: Securities Markets: Trends, Risks and Policies Conference at Bocconi University (Milan), IRMC (Florence), FMA International Annual Meeting (Lisbon), EFMA Annual Meeting (Athens), 25th Finance Forum (Barcelona), Summer Research Conference, ISB (Hyderabad), EFA Annual Meeting (Mannheim) - discussant, FMA Annual Meeting (Boston) - co-author.              

  • 2016: 13th Annual Corporate Finance Conference at Washington University (St. Louis) - co-author, FMV Cluster Meeting (Exeter), University of Sussex, SWUFE Research Workshop (Chengdu), ESSFM Study Center (Gerzensee) - co-author, EFA Annual Meeting (Oslo) - discussant.                    

  • 2015: World Finance & Banking Symposium (Hanoi).

  • 2014: International Society for New Institutional Economics Annual Meeting (Durham), University of Indonesia, NFA Annual Meeting (Ottawa), INSEAD.

  • 2013: EFA Annual Meeting (Cambridge) - discussant, 6th Annual Searle Center Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Chicago), MFA Annual Meeting (Chicago), George Mason University, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, University of Exeter, Cambridge University.

  • 2012: FMA Annual Meeting (Atlanta), 12th Annual Transatlantic Doctoral Conference (London), London Business School.

  • 2011: INSEAD, London Business School.

  • 2010: London Business School.

  • 2007: NFA Annual Meeting (Toronto), EFMA Annual Meeting (Vienna), ASAC Annual Meeting (Ottawa).